VHParfum fragrance is developed and produced in the UK. Our team have a wealth of experience working with fine fragrance.
We have created original fragrances developed by understanding why we wear scent and how it makes us feel. Each fragrance story is inspired by a moment in time, an emotion and that sensory experience.

VHParfum is respectful and responsible towards our environment, the very environment which inspires us.

We only source packaging with the lowest carbon footprint possible. For example we have avoided cellowrap, widely used in the beauty industry, as it does not biodegrade.

UK professional photographer
UK professional photographer

Refill Your Fragrance

Sustainability is one of our core values at VHParfum, our packaging reflects this.
Once you have used up your fragrance, reuse your packaging.

Refill your bottle, available for all of our fragrance collection with your original packaging.

Many thanks VHP!

Great product & packaging. Awesome service. The perfect Christmas present for my wife!


Just received ‘Signature’ after my daughter gave me Natural for Mothering Sunday. Love the tones and really love the idea that the bottle is refillable. The quality of the boxes is brilliant and a great idea.


I’ve tried all of your perfumes and my favourites are Love Story and Signature Story. Such a luxurious and expensive scent which I’ve loved wearing over the last couple of weeks.


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