We use a high level of fragrance oil in our formulations so we are very happy with the longevity of our perfume. However, different skin types and body temperature alter perception and it is common for fragrance wearers to become accustomed to the smell of their own fragrance.  You can experience nose fatigue and your brain can ‘turn off’ to the fragrance after saturation of a smell; when in fact the perfume is still present.

As the founder of Vines House Parfum let me share my tips for keeping scent longevity in your senses.

• Spray scent lightly in to the skin rather than rub, this preserves the integrity of the fragrance.
• Moisturised skin will hold the perfume better than dry skin. 
• Where to apply your perfume? I like to apply under the back of my hair / neck behind my ears and on some clothing. If you apply largely to your front or neck you can “zone out” and become nose fatigued.

• Don’t lose perfume to the air – hold and spray closer to skin so a higher proportion of the perfume is actually applied.
• Leave a lasting impression by spraying on hair and clothing: I always get comments having sprayed a light cloud over my hair before I go out the door.

Fragrance applied to a scarf or outer clothing lingers. I remember sitting in the school playground as an infant smelling my jumper and having an imaginary hug from my mother. People have distinct smells; I think one day when I’m apart from my loved ones they will smell my Signature fragrance and associate it with me and remember. Fragrance is personal, as personal as our handwriting.  

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