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Let me take you on the journey of Vines House Parfum, the creation of fine fragrances that capture our emotions and stories in a bottle.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived life through scent. Key moments of our lives can be replayed through the memory of a fragrance.

This little girl who used to take comfort from the scent of her mother upon her school uniform, and spent hours creating flower water from her grandmother’s garden flowers and herbs, grew into a woman who associated people, places and emotion through her nose.

The reactions and behaviours guided by the nose led her into a career in the beauty industry where work which began in skincare led to fragrance and instilled in her a new passion- to be a perfume creator.

With life lived in both the South of France and the South of England the inspiration for the fragrances and brand were born. Vines House refers to houses in the South of France and South of England where the fragrance is developed.

Each fragrance tells a story inspired by precious memories, expressing an emotional need or memory resonating with others and reflected in our mood.

Each fragrance I have created exposes a reaction on some level, and I have chosen scent to be understood and treasured. I invite you to discover my fragrance stories and what they mean to you.

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